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How is Invisalign like Harry Potter’s Magic?

December 17th, 2019

How is Invisalign like Harry Potter’s Magic?

At Morrone, Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics we believe in the power of magic (big Harry Potter fans over here!), but sometimes science is so advanced that it becomes almost indistinguishable from wizardry. Invisalign is powered by the kind of tech that can be considered magical. Get ready to step into the fantastic world of Invisalign!

Cloak your teeth with invisibility

In the beginning of his story, the young wizard is gifted a magic cloak. It’s a powerful bit of magic that allows the wearer to become completely invisible while wearing it. The fabric of the cloth is woven from special enchanted material for witches and wizards to render themselves unseeable. Much like the magic cloak, Invisalign appliances are made with a material that makes them virtually invisible to the naked eye. The aligners are produced from a patented flexible plastic material that was invented exclusively for Invisalign by biomechanical engineers, who we consider a special class of wizards.

Wands that scan your teeth

A standard instrument of every magic-user is the wand. It allows the bearer to focus their magic sometimes with a beam of powerful light that can produce wonderous things. Our doctors work with the Invisalign scanner much like a wizard does a wand. During the Invisalign digital scanning process, the orthodontist wields a handheld device that takes a high resolution, interactive image of your teeth in 3D, snapping 6,000 images per second!

Spells and magic maps for your future smile

In one adventure, the wizards are bestowed with a magic map that tells them how to achieve their goal and avoid any pitfalls. After scanning your mouth, our doctors will use a magic spell (aka powerful computer software) to create a map for your treatment plan. Every step is plotted using multiple aligners that gently (and invisibly!) guide your teeth until they produce a perfect smile: Novos Risus! No worrying about any missteps along the way.

A potion for almost every ailment

The study of magic potions is the stock and trade of every budding wizard, seeking out ways to address any situations they may encounter and always tinkering with the formula to make it better. Invisalign has a very similar way of producing results. Over the decades of use, Invisalign technology has improved so that it can treat many cases including crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, gap teeth, open bites and generally straighten teeth. Tinkering with the technology in the future will allow Invisalign to resolve even more problems.

Ex nihilo

The Invisalign aligners are produced from a powerful 3D scanner that seems to create the appliances out of thin air. There is no hocus pocus here though. A fleet of high-tech devices are employed to produce each and every custom-made aligner that is a perfect fit for your mouth. The technology that backs the Invisalign system isn’t magic, it just seems like it!

Meet our head wizards

If it’s smile magic you want, you have to see the right wizard. You wouldn’t go to Professor Flitwick to learn Transfiguration and you wouldn’t want Professor Binns teaching you Quidditch. Since Madam Pomfrey isn’t readily available, for the straight smile of your dreams, you want to see Dr. Morrone, Dr. Kaye or Dr. Yucha. Each of our doctors has extensive experience using Invisalign to straighten young wizards and witches teeth as well as strong experience with adult orthodontics. 

If you are interested in Invisalign for yourself or your teen child, contact us for a complimentary in-person consultation. Our friendly team is waiting to answer any of your questions and start you or your child on a path to a gorgeous smile. 

Call us at 856-234-4044 (Moorestown), 609-267-1221 (Mount Holly), or click the button below. We look forward to meeting you!

Many Options; One Good Choice

September 13th, 2019

Many Options; One Good Choice

These days it seems that everyone is pitching their ability to perfect your child’s smile; it seems as though there are many options and many price points. At Morrone, Kaye and Yucha Orthodontics we believe there is just one good choice - a licensed orthodontic practice. 

You may wonder why it is important to see a licensed orthodontist. Below are a few important things to consider: 

Orthodontists and their office team are specialists.

After their dental school education, orthodontists devote an additional 2-3 years to the study of only orthodontics. While in this program, we study not only tooth movement, but also jaw growth and ways to use growth to change misaligned jaws. At Morrone, Kaye and Yucha Orthodontics, our clinical staff are also trained professionals, required to be certified and registered in the State of New Jersey. 

Our team practices orthodontics exclusively. We focus our continuing education on orthodontics and see hundreds of patients per month. We are uniquely positioned to use our knowledge and skills to help you get the best possible result.

X-Rays and Scans are Important

Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. Without looking at the full jaw in order to ascertain bite issues, your aligners or braces could cause a whole host of long term oral health issues. At Morrone Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics, we take X-Rays one step further with our 3D Imaging. Nothing gets missed here. 

Make sure there’s a human on the other end of your treatment

While purchasing aligners online may seem like a simple, low cost solution to orthodontics, you don’t know who is monitoring your treatment. When you receive orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist your treatment plan is monitored closely with regular office visits. We take care to make sure your smile is moving in the right direction and can address any issues that may come up. Plus, we are a super fun office and love getting to know our patients. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As orthodontists, we are well versed in all the different treatment materials, methods, and techniques to ensure your smile is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Each of our patients is unique and we’ll make sure you get the treatment plan best for you as an individual. 

You don’t need a referral

Did you know that you don’t need a referral from a pediatrician or dentist in order to see an orthodontist? In fact, at Morrone, Kaye and Yucha Orthodontics we offer a complimentary (FREE!) consultation - no pressure, just information - for you or your child. 

There may be many options when it comes to straightening your child’s teeth - but seeing an orthodontist is the good choice. 

Contact us for a complimentary in-person consultation. Our friendly team is waiting to answer any of your questions and start you or your child on a path to a gorgeous smile. 

Call us at 856-234-4044 (Moorestown), 609-267-1221 (Mount Holly), or click the button below. We look forward to meeting you!

Seventh Birthday Approaching? Time For a Visit to the Orthodontist!

June 1st, 2019

Seventh Birthday Approaching? Time For a Visit to the Orthodontist!

Many parents associate braces and orthodontics with their teen years but you may be surprised to learn that the best time for your little one to have their first orthodontic visit is around their 7th birthday. We know, we know - they’re still running around the jungle gym and definitely not exhibiting any tween behavior (at least we hope not for your sake!). That said, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends children be seen by an orthodontist at age seven and we at Morrone, Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics absolutely agree.

Why by age seven?

By age 7, your child’s mouth has matured enough for a trained orthodontic eye to spot current and future issues. We can then make corrections that will help guide their jaw and teeth into a healthier place for an easier straight smile later on.

There are many benefits to starting orthodontic treatment as a child; these include shorter treatment time, fewer impacted permanent teeth and reduced chance of needing to remove teeth. That’s because with early orthodontics we can:

  • Guide teeth into desired positions early
  • Guide jaw growth
  • Minimize crowding/creating room for erupting teeth
  • Correct the results of oral habits like thumb and finger sucking

At Morrone, Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics, we think of early orthodontics as a two phase solution.

  • Phase 1 works with your young child to make space for his or her permanent teeth.
  • Phase 2 begins once those teeth have arrived.

If you recommend early orthodontics for my child, does that mean they won’t need braces as a teen?

Early treatment (phase 1) can begin the correction of significant problems, prevent additional problems from developing, and simplify future treatment, but oftentimes, additional treatment is still necessary. That said, children who have undergone early orthodontic treatment typically wear braces or Invisalign for a shorter period of time in the teen years than those who have not undergone early intervention. This makes life easier for both them, and you, as both of your schedules get busier and busier.

If I bring my child to you at age 7 are you definitely going to recommend early orthodontics?

Nope! Every child is different and we customize every treatment plan to the individual. Early treatment does not necessarily benefit all children. Certain types of orthodontic problems can be more easily and efficiently corrected in the teen years when all permanent teeth have come in; some skeletal orthodontic problems should not be addressed until growth is more advanced or complete. Dr. Mary Beth Morrone, Dr. Richard Kaye and Dr. Benjamin Yucha develop a customized treatment plan based on each individual child’s needs.

In order to create a custom treatment plan for your child, we need to see you! Our friendly team is waiting to answer any of your questions and start you or your child on a path to a gorgeous smile.

Call us at 856-234-4044 (Moorestown), 609-267-1221 (Mount Holly), or click the button below. We can’t wait to meet you and your seven year old!

Welcoming Dr. Benjamin Yucha to Morrone & Kaye Orthodontics!

May 23rd, 2019

Welcoming Dr. Benjamin Yucha to Morrone & Kaye Orthodontics!

By Dr. Mary Beth Morrone & Dr. Richard Kaye

“We feel very fortunate and appreciative. About 25 years ago we joined an orthodontic practice that we felt had the opportunity to become the very best. Young and eager, we set a plan in motion to incorporate skill and new technologies into our world of orthodontics. Once Morrone & Kaye Orthodontics was born, we nurtured the business while striving to keep the homey feel of all our neighboring towns.

Over the years our vision blossomed, and we excitedly expanded both our Moorestown and Mount Holly locations to better accommodate the increased number of patients, some of whom we have watched grow up and have families of their own! With the advent of Invisalign, more and more adults also began seeking help for their smiles or bites, or perhaps looking to seize the opportunity they never had while growing up.

Although we have had a number of associates throughout the years helping us to care for our patients, we never found an orthodontist we felt comfortable offering a share of the business to... until now. Dr. Benjamin Yucha fits our practice perfectly. Adding Ben as a partner gives us an orthodontist to depend on, both now and into the future.

A recent graduate of the University of Colorado, Ben brings with him the excitement that we still feel for the profession, along with the knowledge of even newer technologies. We are also now able to expand our hours, giving our patients better opportunities for more desirable appointment times.

We are thrilled to have Ben working with us and look forward to all of you meeting him the next time you are in for an appointment.”

Why I’m Excited to Be Joining Morrone & Kaye Orthodontics

By Dr. Benjamin Yucha

“Orthodontics is a dynamic profession and I feel blessed to be a part of this specialty. Throughout my years of training, I dreamed of practicing in a family-centered environment with strong community roots while providing top-notch clinical care.

After getting to know Drs. Morrone and Kaye, I could see that their office embodied this vision and that our treatment philosophies meshed seamlessly. Their dedication to their patients and commitment to the areas they serve are contagious and I knew this was exactly the practice for me.

It is very exciting to be able to join a practice with two amazing doctors as well as a highly skilled and caring team. I am eager to bring my enthusiasm for orthodontics to all of the patients and families in our surrounding communities, and look forward to continuing the tradition of clinical excellence and compassionate care set in place by Drs. Morrone and Kaye.”

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